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Keeping the passion alive in your relationship.

Keeping the passion alive in your relationship.

Keeping the passion alive – First comes love at first sight or at least the introduction to the person you will eventually fall in love with. This leads to the long calls, texts, picture exchanges and lets not forget the sending of the little emoji with the heart for eyes. This is followed by countless dates which leads to meeting friends and family. Eventually the payoff arrives and the proposal finally takes place.
After an exchange of nuptials which lead to the union of marriage you feel like you are on cloud 9. The days after the wedding are incredible and so they should be. If you are newly married then I know your heart still flutters when thinking of your partner and you feel as you are on top of the world. You still enjoy life with your partner and your passion mirrors theirs. The honeymoon is perfect and you cant keep your hands off one another. Congratulations you made it, life will be perfect from here, or so you think. There are many things that are common from here and a happily ever after is rarely the case.
From here comes the hard part. The part most people fail at and for good cause… Making it work. Now comes the task of keeping the passion alive in your relationship. The statistics on marriage’s that lead to divorce are astounding and can scare you away from any thoughts of tying the knot.
Here are some tips that might help you avoid this and might help in keeping the passion alive in your relationship.
Keeping The Passion Alive• Always remember the saying It takes two to tangle. Desire and passion should be maintained in the relationship by both parties. There has to be equality of love from both sides for the relationship to work.  One sided relationship never work no matter how hard you try.
• Good Communication is a one of the most important factors in your relationship. Make sure that you don’t lose the will or desire to speak to each other, There is no such thing as small talk in a relationship only talks.
• Time Management is key. Make sure you make the time for each other. No matter how busy life gets or how crazy work gets don’t forget your primary job is keeping your marriage alive.
• Home should be a work free zone. Stress of work and employment is one of the worst relationship killers around. try to leave that stress where it belongs. No matter how hard it is use your mate as a crutch and let them guide you through the stress. Don’t take out your problems at work on the person who loves you. I know it sounds hard.
Keeping The Passion Alive• Lower down your expectations from your loved one and always show your gratitude. Do not just expect flowers and chocolate from your partner but show your appreciation when they are given. Don’t get so settled in that your mates good deeds are not appreciated or taken for granted.
• Try to keep the attraction alive. Time can pass by but that doesn’t mean you should let yourself go. Do the little things that your mate finds attractive and do them as often as you can. You don’t have to always look like a supermodel but make sure your mate doesn’t forget how sexy you can be.
• Be vocal while In and out the bedroom. Try and be bold and open to each other’s wants and desires. Discuss each fantasy, explore all desires. Let them know everything you like and dislike and don’t be afraid to experiment. Don’t let life or sex get boring. Switch up as much as you could but don’t force it.
• Don’t hold grudges. Arguments will happen but when they are done let go. There will always be something else to fight about.
Keeping The Passion Alive• Be silly, loving and surprising. Don’t ever pass up a chance to show your loved one how much you care. Stand up in a crowded restaurant and slow dance, kiss passionately in the street, pump up the radio, hop out of the car into the rain and slow dance to your favorite love song. Stand up and sing to your loved one in a crowded train cart. Bring home little thoughtful gifts and surprises. Surprise them with a home cooked meal complete with flowers and a bubble bath. Never be afraid to make your loved one smile. Live every moment and don’t wait for moments to happen. Relationships can become dull very easy if you wait for birthdays and anniversaries to come to do something nice. Try Keeping the passion alive by making every day a special occasion.
Other small things that help in keeping your passion in a relationship
Pursue new hobby’s together
Exercise together and be as sensual as you can
Touch one other 15 times a day (Kiss, Rub, Hug, etc.).
Cook together
Schedule sex dates
Use seductive words as pet names. Use turn on words.

Keeping the Passion Alive
By Dennis Urena

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